Our Company

We’ve been bringing your family best products for more than 30 years.

Our Purpose

Our company is a purpose-driven organization. Our purpose is to provide highest quality products and services with strongest commitment, passion and reputation. We take our customers’ needs and goals to heart; we don’t just sell them products – we provide value added services including custom formulations, cost-saving recipes and innovative technologies and we always find ways to help our customers grow. Our mission gets accomplished every time when our customers’ needs are fully met and expectations exceeded. Our business growth depends on satisfying more and more customers in the United States and rest of the world.

Our corporate culture is open, honest, collaborative, innovative, health-conscious and conducive to the sustainability of our planet’s natural resources.

Our Core Values

Our core values as principles in the real world are reflected in everything we do. The following values guiding principles in our daily work, business decision-making process and our organizational behavior as a whole.


Our Leadership

Meet our executive officers, directors, and committees.