About us

United Foods Corporation (UFC) is a leading United States-based global provider of fine and functional ingredients for the food and beverage, nutritional and health food, cosmetic and personal care, pharmaceutical and life sciences, household and commercial cleaning industries and supplier of processed and ready-to-eat foods including snack foods, meal replacers, nutritional powders and vegetable protein-based fitness drinks

Our Company

United Foods Corporation (“UFC”) is a global high quality ingredients and processed foods company with headquarters based in East Brunswick, New Jersey, USA. From natural to synthetic ingredients for the food and beverage, cosmetic and personal care, pharmaceutical and nutritional, household and commercial cleaning industries, to premium processed and prepared foods to major grocery chains and food service distributors and establishments, UFC is well known for its highest quality, dependable service and competitive pricing.

Our History

Since its inception in 1988, the Company has been acting as United States-based exclusive agent, importer and distributor for chemical manufacturers in Mainland China, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand. Since early 1990’s, the Company has also been sourcing materials from European as well as North American manufacturers. Initially, the Company operated from its New York office and concentrated on developing accounts in the Northeast. The Company plans to set up additional sales and distribution facilities on the West Coast and in the Texas Gulf region.

Our Outstanding Brands

We have successfully built a collection of well-known brands from natural and Non-GMO ingredients and processed, ready-to-eat foods. Our motto is providing foods from farm to table. Our portfolio of products includes most commonly used ingredients such as sea salt and organic sugar to globally sourced, hard-to-find specialty items such as exotic spices and botanical extracts such as luo-han-guo (monk-fruit) sweetener and gacinia campogia hydroxy citric acid (HCA). We offer so many different ingredients and processed foods to serve the ever-growing needs of our domestic and foreign customers.